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Patented and innovative barn equipment for dairy cows,
guaranteed better welfare, longer life & more milk!

What is Cow-Welfare?

Cow-Welfare develops and sells innovative equipment for dairy barns. If you want to invest in cow comfort, look no further. With a short payback period, guaranteed higher yields and countless health benefits, our patented flexible solutions have become world famous for a reason.


Animal Welfare

Cows in flexible equipment from Cow-Welfare experience less stress and no injuries, which leads to longer living time, better heat cycles and increased milk production.


Optimized Production

Calm and content cows produce more milk. Moreover, cows eat faster and lie down longer with Cow-Welfare products, which leaves more time for rest and rumination.

Profitable Investment

Investing in cow comfort pays off. With an increased production and reduced expenses, the pay back time for the products is short – usually within the first 6 months.


  • Higher yield
  • Longer living time
  • Improved hoof health
  • Less stress in the barn
  • More evident oestrus signs
  • No risk of injuries or pressure wounds

These are just some of the benefits farmers with flexible stalls and feeding fences from Cow-Welfare experience.


It is all about well-being and time management. With our flexible products, we are able to adjust the daily time budget of the cow by increasing her comfort. In our system, she spends less time eating and more time lying down. The products are designed to guide the cows, whether it be to lean forward to reach feed or laying down in the correct lying position. The fine balance between flexibility and firmness ensures that the cows are never afraid or hurt by the equipment.

See how the products work in action and learn more about them here.

Impressive quality


We were a little concerned about the durability of the Flex Stalls from Cow-Welfare, but they have proven to be more durable than the steel stalls. No wonder they can offer a 10 year warranty! Our cows are laying down faster and longer. We have less hip problems and less cows in the hospital. We would definitely buy them again and recommend them to anyone.

Jacob Soares

Soares Dairy Farms, Los Banos CA., USA

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Flex Stall

Patented flexible stalls

Flex feed

Patented flexible feed barrier

Cowsy breeze

Tube ventilation system

latex Soft Chy

Slanted comfort mattress


Less stress &
More milk

Tom Scholtens, Denmark

Tom Scholtens believes that his cows should feel well. If they do, they will deliver more milk – and that is exactly what they do at his farm, which has one of Denmark’s highest yielding herds. With the flexible stalls, flexible feed barrier and the tube ventilation system, the cows are provided with optimum living facilities to reach their full potential.

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Cow Comfort Increases Milk Production

MacTalla Farm, Canada

With cow comfort being a top priority, it was a natural choice for the MacQuarrie family to include Flex Feed and Flex Stalls in their new barn. The focus on comfort paid off: The cows produced no less than 22 lbs more milk per day after they moved into the new barn with Cow-Welfare equipment.

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Increased Lying Time & Healthier Cows

Soares Dairy Farms, USA

At first Jacob Soares was concerned about the durability of the flexible stalls. They have, however, proven to be more durable than the steel stalls. In addition, Soares has experienced a lot of other benefits with Flex Stalls – the most important one being 4 hours of extra lying time per day.

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