Tom Scholtens

  • Skærbæk, Denmark
  • 300 cows
  • Flex Stall, Flex Feed & Cowsy Breeze


Less stress & more milk

Tom Scholtens from Skærbæk, Denmark, has 300 cows. He took over his farm in 2006 and built a new barn in 2012 with sand in the beds and equipment from Cow-Welfare. In 2018, the tube ventilation system Cowsy Breeze was installed as well.


Scholtens has one of the highest yielding herds in Denmark. He explains that the barn design plays a vital role in his success. On average, his milk production increased by 5.5 lbs per cow after the shift to Flex Stalls and Flex Feed. The explanation is simple according to the farmer: “My cows should feel good. They thank me by delivering more milk.”

Focus on comfort

Tom Scholtens states that the cows lie correctly in Flex Stalls. In addition, they are not afraid of the equipment because they are able to get up and down without getting injuries or pressure wounds. The result is longer lying time, fewer injuries and easier cleaning of the beds.

The increased comfort caused by the flexible solutions, great ventilation and sand as bedding also has a positive impact on the somatic cell count, which is stable around 80,000.



Light and airy environment

The biggest difference between the old and the new barn – besides the choice of equipment – is the amount of natural light and air the new barn lets in. This is supplemented with Cow-Welfare’s tube ventilation system, Cowsy Breeze, which ensures a constant breeze over the cows in the warmer months of the year.

Tom Scholtens explains that the focus on a light and airy environment combined with the freedom to move in Flex Stalls have increased the number of cows in heat. The best thing about the new barn, however, is the calm and relaxed atmosphere. “The cows are less stressed and that is something you can measure on the bottom line,” he concludes.


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