Flex Feed

Patented flexible feed barrier

Cow-Welfare Flex Feed allows cows to eat naturally with its unique 30-degree flexibility. It promotes feed intake, reduces stress and increases yield – in other words, more milk on the same amount of feed.

What is the difference?

In Flex Feed there is no need for a restricting neck rail or headlock. The flexible design allows cows to lean forward and reach far onto the feeding table. In this way, cows achieve a natural eating position. The optimized feeding situation means that cows eat faster which leads to longer periods of rest, thereby increasing rumination. The system has unique opportunities for customization and fits all breeds.

Freedom to eat naturally

The unique flexibility of the feed barrier makes it possible for cows to lean forward without harming themselves and mimics the moves they naturally make when eating grass in the field. Moreover, they can lift their heads to swallow the feed because there is no need for a neck rail. This promotes feed intake and explains why cows can eat faster in the Flex Feed system.

More milk on the same amount of feed

Flex Feed makes it easy for cows to eat naturally, thereby promoting feed intake. Cows will thus eat the same amount of feed in a shorter period of time which leaves more time for rest and rumination. The improved feeding situation leads to higher milk production without higher feed costs.

Private space – less stress

The individual feeding spaces create synchrony in the barn because all cows can eat the same time; this optimizes the space around the feeding table because one cow is not able to take up space for several others. It also minimizes the fear of boss cows which makes feeding time less stressful for timid and small cows. Moreover, the separated spaces also help newly added cows to adjust to the herd quicker.

Healthy cows produce more milk

Relaxed cows with the possibility of natural ingestion will produce more milk than stressed cows that use a lot of time and energy consuming their feed. Farmers who shift to Flex Feed from conventional feed barriers will experience an increased yield of 3.4 to 4.5 lbs per cow per day.

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Cow-Welfare develops and sells innovative barn equipment for cows. We specialize in flexible stalls and feed barriers.


Cow-Welfare develops and sells
innovative barn equipment for cows.
We specialize in flexible stalls and
feed barriers.

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