Latex Soft CHY

Slanted comfort mattress

Cow-Welfare Latex Soft Comfort High Yield is the first slanted mattress on the market with an in-built slope. A two-zone structure that adjusts to the cow’s body weight guarantees a high level of comfort.

What is the difference?

A slanted mattress is mounted on a flat foundation or areas with low slope, which makes it easy to install in both new barns and renovation projects. The mattress is easy to keep clean due to the slope, and when combined with Cow-Welfare Flex Stalls, we guarantee a correct and comfortable lying position.

Benefits of a slanted mattress

Due to the in-built slope of 3.6 %, the mattress will reduce construction costs significantly in a new-build barn, and it is easy to install in a renovation project where the foundation is flat or has a low slope. Research shows that cows prefer to lie on a surface with a slope between 3 to 5%. The slope also makes it easy for fluids to run off, thereby ensuring a clean and dry bed.

Two comfort zones

The mattress is divided into two different zones. The upper zone is thicker and softer to accommodate the pressure from the cow’s front knees when lying down, thereby reducing the weight on the joints significantly. The lower comfort zone is harder and provides stability. In this way, Latex Soft CHY provides the optimal resting position.

High durability

Latex Soft CHY is the only mattress on the market with a doubly nylon net in the top cover. To ensure long-lasting quality, the rubber material is hard-wearing, 100% watertight and easy to clean. The granulated surface makes bedding stick to the mattress, thereby reducing the bedding costs and time spent on cleaning.

The importance of a comfortable and clean bed

An uncomfortable or dirty mattress will reduce lying time, increase injuries and the risk of illness, which leads to lower milk production and decreased health. Thus, it is important to invest in a mattress with a high level of comfort that is easy to clean.

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