Soares Dairy Farms

  • Los Banos, CA, USA
  • 700 cows
  • Flex Stall


Increased lying time & healthier cows

When Jacob Soares from Soares Dairy Farms in Los Banos in California chose to invest in the flexible stalls from Cow-Welfare, he was worried about their durability. Nevertheless, his experience with Flex Stall is solely positive. Today, he recommends the product to everyone who would like to optimize their production.

Many advantages

On Soares Dairy Farms they have noticed significant changes after the shift to Flex Stalls. They experience less injuries and the cows do not get stuck in the equipment. This means they have less cows in the hospital.

The most significant change, however, is the increase of lying time. Soares Dairy Farms have increased lying time by 4 hours after installing Flex Stalls. The cows lie down fast because they are not afraid of the flexible cubicle dividers, and the stalls guides them into the correct lying position. Moreover, the short pipe and open end of the stall make it easier for the cows to exit the beds, which ensures smooth cow traffic in the barn.

Impressive durability

Jacob Soares explains that he was concerned about the durability of the cubicle dividers because they are flexible and made of polymer. To his surprise, Flex Stalls have proved to be more durable than steel stalls. “No wonder they can offer 10 years warranty,” he says and continues to conclude “We would definitely buy them again and recommend them to anyone.”


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