Mactalla farm inc.

  • Prince Edward Island, Canada
  • 90 cows
  • Flex Stall & Flex Feed


Cow comfort increases milk production

At MacTalla Farm Inc., Prince Edward Island, Canada, were the MacQuarrie family has 90 Holstein cows, cow welfare is a top priority. Thus, it seemed natural for them to choose Cow-Welfare Flex Stalls and Flex Feed to equip their new barn.

An obvious choice

In 2016, the MacQuarrie family built a new tarp barn to replace an older free stall barn. It was important that the new barn would accommodate their goal of increasing cow comfort. “Cow comfort is a top priority for us and making the decision to include Cow-Welfare Flex Stalls and the Flex Feed rail fit well with our goals for the new barn,” they explain.


Comfort pays off

The MacQuarrie family has experienced a vast improvement of cow comfort after the cows moved into their new barn. Now the cows spend most of their time on eating or lying down and less time on competing for resources, which creates a calm atmosphere in the barn.

Having happier cows definitely pays off. The average yield per cow has increased from 68 lbs to 91.5 lbs since moving into the new barn – a significant change resulting in 23 lbs more milk per cow per day! “We are very excited to continue meeting our goals for the farm and are pleased that Cow-Welfare has helped play a part in accomplishing this,” the family concludes.


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