van der meulen dairy ltd.

  • Drayton, Canada
  • 270 cows
  • Flex Feed


Flexibility is worth investing in

Jen and Theo van der Meulen from Drayton in Canada have 270 cows of mixed breeds. Cow comfort and safety was a top priority when they designed their new barn, and that is why they chose Cow-Welfare Flex Feed. The innovative feed barrier with a 30-degree flex turned out to be exactly what they were looking for.

Flex Feed is the best thing about the new barn

Every time someone asks Jen and Theo van der Meulen what their favorite part about the new barn is the answer is Flex Feed. They explain that the cows no longer have bumps or missing hair on their neck. They have no shoulder injuries either, which was Jen’s biggest concern.

The couple could not be happier with Flex Feed and the increased welfare it has brought to the barn: “It is the best investment I have made! I highly recommend this feed barrier to anyone who wants to improve their animal welfare in their barn,” Jen concludes.


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