Takao farm

  • Kumamoto Prefecture, Japan
  • 150 cows
  • Flex Stall 


Immediate adaptation

Takao Farm with 150 cows lies in the Kumamoto Prefecture in Japan. When the barn was renovated in 2018, they chose to shift from conventional steel stalls to Cow-Welfare Flex Stalls.

Surprisingly effective

After the shift from conventional steel stalls, the farmer was anxious to see the results. It came as a surprise to him that the cows wanted to lie down in the stalls the day following the installation. The farmer says that the cows got accustomed to Flex Stalls quickly. As you can tell from the before and after images, all of the beds are occupied now. “Despite its simple structure, the flexible stall is able to control the cow’s lying position. The cows enjoy the freedom and are relaxed,” he explains.



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