Pascal Monhart

  • Schlott, Switzerland
  • 60 cows
  • Flex Stall & Flex Feed


Increased comfort & low SCC

Pascal Monhart from Schlott in Switzerland has a small herd with various breeds. When he built his new barn, he found it important that it would accommodate all of the cows’ needs. By prioritizing cow comfort, simple work procedures and low building costs he chose flexible equipment from Cow-Welfare. The new barn includes both Flex Stalls and Flex Feed and it is worth the investment according to Monhart.

Focus on cow comfort

The cows are doing very well in the new barn, and Pascal Monhart has no doubt that the equipment from Cow-Welfare play a crucial role: “I am still fascinated to see how quickly and freely the cows lie in Flex Stalls,” he explains. The cows have no pressure wounds or injuries whatsoever and the plastic is not as cold for the cows as steel stalls in the winter.


After moving the cows into the new barn with Flex Stalls and Flex Feed, the somatic cell count has not been over 100,000. According to Monhart, the cows spend a longer time lying down, which is why the hoofs are on the alleyways less often than previously. This is also why he no longer has digital dermatitis in the barn.







A good investment

Pascal Monhart states that he has reached his goal of a barn with high cow comfort. The atmosphere in the barn is always calm and relaxed with no stress or noise. The new sense of calm combined with the many health advantages of the equipment have resulted in healthier cows. That is why Monhart would like to recommend the flexible solutions from Cow-Welfare: “I believe people cheat themselves if they don’t invest in barn equipment from Cow-Welfare.”


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