We are proud to announce that DLG, the German Agricultural Society, has tested and approved our mattress. Cow-Welfare Latex Soft CHY (Comfort High Yield) is the worlds’ first slanting mattress for cows. It has an innovative two-zone structure that ensures maximum comfort.

The test made by DLG shows that the deformability and elasticity of the mattress are best in class. While the permanent tread load test does show some deformation in zone 1, the mattress still performs better than the industry standard. Moreover, there is no lasting deformation in zone 2, thus making it best in class. Finally, there is no notable wear and tear in both zones. In total, Latex Soft CHY scored best in test in no less than 5 out of 7 categories.

If you want to read more about the test, the result has been posted on the DLG website (in German).

Watch our test of the mattress in the video below and learn more about the product here.