We are happy to introduce Rikke Kristensen as our new colleague within consulting and sales. Rikke is veterinarian (cand. med. vet) and holds an MBA welfare assessment in animal lifestock production. As veterinarian she is used to advise about how the well-being of cows can be improved. Animal welfare has always been Rikke’s primary concern and still is.

What is good for the cows is fortunately also good for the farmer. A happy cow repays it’s good living conditions with extra liters of milk every day. Thereby Rikke does not only focus on cow welfare and barn equipment. The financial aspects such as earnings and payback time are also important aspects of our offers. Many farmers are surprised to hear that the payback time of a Cow-Welfare product is typically less than 6 months. However, we know what we talk about. We know the impact many dairy farmers experience with barn equipment from Cow-Welfare throughout the world.

Rikke’s focus is the Scandinavian countries, where she is Country Manager.