Why the low prices

It’s hard for the milk producers all over the world to make money because of the declining milk prices today. In Germany, the price to produce a liter of milk is 44 euro cents and they only get paid 29 euro cents according to EMB. With these conditions, it’s hard to earn money.

In Europe, they have removed the milk quota, which means that milk producers all over Europe can produce as much as they want. That’s one of the reasons for the low milk prices. Adding to the problem is the decreasing demand for dairy products from Russia and China. source

Lower the Production Costs

At Cow-Welfare, we can’t change the milk price, but we can provide you with the tools to get the most out of your cows, and at the same time increases the cow’s welfare. Take a look at this formula:


in the formula above you can calculate how many cows you need in the future to produce the same amount of milk that your cows produce today.

Let’s make an example: you have 100 cows that each produces 25 liters of milk a day. By using Cow-Welfares barn equipment you can increase the milk production of the cow by 2 liters a day. If we use these numbers in the formula, it will look like this:


What this means for you is, that if you use Cow-Welfare products you can reduce your herd by 7 cows and still produce the same amount of milk in the future as you do today.