lars kennet zetterlund

  • Storvik, Sweden
  • 74 cows
  • Flex Stall & Latex Soft CHY


No pressure wounds or injuries

Lars Kennet Zetterlund from Storvik in Sweden chose the flexible cubicle dividers from Cow-Welfare when he renovated his old tie stall barn in 2011. In 2017, he made further improvements to the barn and added the Latex Soft Comfort High Yield (CHY) slanted mattress.

Optimum lying position

Even though Lars Kennet Zetterlund was unable to measure the difference in lying time because the cows previously were in a tie stall barn, he is very pleased with Flex Stalls. “The cows lie perfectly in the flexible stalls,” he explains. In the old barn, he often had issues with pressure wounds and injuries, but that is not an issue in Flex Stalls. “We have no cows with marks or injuries,” Zetterlund says and adds that the cows look comfortable when they are ruminating.


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