Klipheuwel Farm

  • South Africa
  • 1000 cows
  • Flex Stall & Flex Feed


Higher yield & less problems

Philip Blanckenberg from Klipheuwel Farm in South Africa is one of the farmers, who experienced a documented effect by shifting from traditional steel stalls and feed barriers to flexible polymer solutions from Cow-Welfare. In March 2018, he installed a test section for 100 cows with Flex Stalls and Flex Feed and he was not disappointed by the results.

Testing flexibility

Philip Blanckenberg chose to make a section with Cow-Welfare products in an existing barn to test the flexible cubicle dividers and the flexible feed barrier. He had to see how the cows adjusted to equipment made of polymer.


The investment quickly proved to be successful. Blanckenberg states­­­ that the cows produced significantly more milk than usual in the test section with Cow-Welfare products. In addition, there were fewer issues because the cows did not get injured by the equipment and had a low level of stress.





4.4 lbs more milk per cow

The cows in the test section at Klipheuwel Farm were all fresh cows and 60 % of them were in their first lactation. After just 18 days of milking, the cows had an average yield of no less than 88.8 lbs. Moreover, the cull rate for fresh cows had never been lower.

Statistics from the barn showed that the cows in their first lactation produced 4.4 lbs more milk a day on average during the first 21 days after Cow-Welfare Flex Stall and Flex Feed were installed.


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