Like a still increasing number of countries in the world, Denmark has shut down in order to be one step ahead of the corona virus. Most public institutions are closed, public transport is limited and the borders are closed. This means that we are doing things a bit differently at Cow-Welfare at the moment.

The situation at Cow-Welfare
At Cow-Welfare we are following the guidelines made by our government in order to act as responsibly as possible. We made precautions early to lower the risk of contagion. We will continue to do so until we are told otherwise. Most of us are currently working from home and the remaining staff is spaced apart. We are not letting people in at the company; drivers and people from outside the company are asked to keep distance and there is no access to the warehouse.

Due to the current situation in Denmark (and the world, in general), we will not be travelling. For now, we stay in Denmark and have postponed all of our appointments.

How does this affect you?
As a consequence of closed borders we might experience a slight delay in delivery time. Our production sites, however, are still running as usual and we continue to ship orders. Although we are not at the Cow-Welfare headquarters physically, we are all at work and ready to receive your order.

Should you have any questions regarding this or our products in general, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are more than happy to answer your questions or to tell you more about the products.