Büscher Wetter GbR

  • Lower Saxony, Germany
  • 150 cows
  • Flex Stall, Flex Feed & Latex Soft CHY


Slanted mattress saved time and money

A misunderstanding between the builder, who was constructing his new barn, and farmer Heiko Büscher from Bielefeld in Lower Saxony, Germany, resulted in him choosing a mattress instead of deep loose bedding. After much deliberation, he chose Cow-Welfare Latex Soft Comfort High Yield (CHY) because of its unique slope.

Not what they planned

Heiko Büscher initially planned to equip the new barn with deep loose bedding because he had never been a fan of mattresses. Due to miscommunication with the builder, however, the foundation for the stalls was cast for mattresses.

Being unable to find a company that was willing to adapt the resting surface to deep loose bedding, Büscher had to find a suitable mattress. The foundation was cast with no gradient, which made the process difficult. In consultation with Cow-Welfare he chose Latex Soft CHY due to its in-built slope.

A blessing in disguise

Today Büscher is pleased with the comfort mattresses. The slope of the mattress makes fluids run off easily, which ensures the beds are dry. The mattress is also easy to clean. Büscher explains that they spend surprisingly little time on cleaning the beds and that he saves money on bedding.

More importantly, the cows thrive on the mattresses. Büscher states that the cows lie down fast and achieve the correct lying position quickly. “If we were to build a barn again there is no doubt that we would choose a flat foundation made of liquid concrete and Cow-Welfare Latex Soft CHY – it saves both time and money!” he concludes.


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